New Site. . . New Beginnings

Hello All!

Welcome to I have been in the speaking industry for almost two decades! I have launched a number of websites, each one expressing a bit more of who I am in their design, the flow, and the content. I can thank my designer for 99.9% of this, as he willingly worked with me to put my passion for speaking into a website, which hopefully will allow me to interact with you all in a more tangible way. 

So here it is! The launch of a new site, welcome to!

You will find the contact page has been updated and is complete with booking information and an easy to complete form to make it easier for me to come to your events!

This Blog is where i will answer the most commonly asked questions, tell stories of the events i am speaking at and give you a bit more of my day to day thoughts, and of course a few random stories...

Home you feel more at home here... I know i do!