Trout Lake week two!

it happened... the "unseasonably warm-weather" i had hoped for. I spend the last two weekends in Trout Lake MN. My first weekend there it was so cold i slept in a wool sweater under 3 blankets and still shivered most the night. I was warned to look for snow this past weekend. I so feared the cold that i even packet and electric heating pad, gloves, a scarf, and wool lined boots. Then i arrived to 85 degree sunny days! It was a beautiful weekend with 300 plus students from all over the state. Being a part of their weekend was incrediable! There was a clear transformation in their hearts as we moved from Friday night to Sunday morning! I woke praying for them as they return to school, my prayer is that they are ready to respond to what God has called them to do in the place they are planted. As i looked out on their faces Sunday morning i could see it... the fire of Christ burning in a generation that has the potential to change the world. A fire that in some is but a small flame waiting and wanting to ignite! oh how i pray that God would protect the flame until it has the proper fuel to burn.

The stories i have been told from these boys and girls about their lives both broke my heart and energized me to press on. The attack of Satan on this generation continues to be strong. The pain and conflict that they suffer is intense. How i desire to give each one a greater understanding of the victory they have in Jesus!

More to come....