I can tell you first hand that this is a young woman who not only loves kids, but who also knows how to reach them.  Jeniffer relates to kids on their level, and they respond to her.  Her genuine love comes through in everything she does.

Michael W. Smith, Pastor, Singer, Songwriter

Energetic, encouraging, exciting and lightening are a few words that describe the mission and personality of Jeniffer Dake. Jennifer is uniquely gifted to speak with a wide range of audiences but has a “sweet spot for youth and young adults. Her experience as a teacher and mentor keep her grounded in todays youth culture which causes her to be relevant and riveting. Jennifer’s message are tailored to her audience which keeps it fresh and engaging. Her presence on the stage is also equaled off the stage as she moves through the crowds and continues to touch the lives of students and adults. 

Lt. Colonel Kelly Igelheart, Secretary for Program Salvation Army

Jeniffer has the ability to captivate an audience with her speaking. She can have them laughing out loud one moment, and then completely quiet in the next. She has delivered messages on many topics and is not a “one talk speaker”! I have booked her to speak to younger audiences (middle school kids), as well as high school and adults, and she can adjust her talks to fit the bill! Along the way, my wife and I have become friends with Jeniffer as we have found her to be so sincere, fun and competent.

Gary Grecco, Youth for Christ Executive Director Mason-Dixon Program Director for Alive, Heatwave & Impact Conferences


I have only met a few people across the world that have the kind of passion, commitment and understanding that it takes to change youth culture. Jeniffer Dake is one of those people.

Kevin Singleton International Youth Speaker and Worship Leader Elevate New York, Inc.


Jeniffer was simply A M A Z I N G!!! She was fresh. She was new. She was different. Jeniffer didn’t recycle a sex, drugs and rock n roll story. She she does not have that one event that makes her a speaker, or a life running away from God and trapped in sin that she wraps her sermons around. She is truly called to be a speaker.

Jeremy W. Halstead O-Net Chairman


Jeniffer also knows HOW to reach today's kids - not with the in your-face, Bible-beating, confrontational style of the old days, but by building true, honest, and transparent relationships that communicate the gospel more clearly than words ever could.

Cheri Hoffman Program Director: the Bounty Hunter Coalition Rocketown Youth Services


Jeniffer Dake shows such an affinity for young people, an ability to disciple and teach and a strength in leadership and organization that I asked her to travel with my daughter, Stacie, on tour. I hope that express the level of trust I have in her intergrity, wisdom and ability to befriend and nurture teens.

Dean Orrico (Father of Stacie Orrico)


I haven’t seen youth connect to a speaker like they connected with Jeniffer. She has such a passion for sharing Christ.

Bethanie Moore Miracle Camp Counselor


I should know first-hand about how well jen dake works with students because I am one! :) plus I’ve known her for a long time and she has always been a big example in my life growing up. she always knows what to say to help me with problems I'm going thru and has a lot of experience in so many youth ministries and other things that she's done in her life. she's juuuuust wonderful;)

Brittany (Age 17)


Jen's vision for being Jesus to those who don't know Him as their personal Savior is a testament to the filling and overflowing of the Holy Spirit in her life. She has instilled in me a passion for young people like no other person I've ever met before.

Ben Jeffrey Friendship Sports; Chicago, IL


Jeniffer Dake is a dynamic speaker who gets right-to-the-point with youth of all ages. She passionately shares her love for Christ, Sharing memorable illustrations backed by Scripture.

Susie Heth Teacher/Parent; Upland, IN


Jennifer has been able to communicate with children of age 6 to adults in their 70s. Her ability to know the audience and how to relate to them is uncanny.

John Moore Biology Professor
Taylor University


Although words truly cannot express the dynamic passion with which Jeniffer Dake speaks, I'll try by suggesting the following -- engaging, energetic, understandable, compassionate, transparent and giving! With the ability to connect with her audience, Jeniffer delivers a POWERFUL message that only strengthens the already established relationship she has built by simply being herself! I have been directly involved with ministries for nearly twenty six years and rarely have I encountered such talent!

Ron Miller Single Source Speakers

"Jeniffer did a great job the past two weekends. We were really happy with her, her content, and the way she hung out with the kids!"

James Rock Trout Lake Camps: Interim Director Minnesota Baptist Conference

"My wife and I were talking about Jeniffer and we were both in agreement that "she just gets it". Jeniffer understands how to communicate on a level that reaches out to every demographic in the audience. At one point we looked down the row and She had the rapt attention of each of the kids, a difficult task from experience."

Brian Zig Ziegelheafer Zigboys, Inc.Salvation Army Youth Council 2011

Jen is so real and so genuine she connected so well with our university students at Acclaim.  Her Enthusiasm and Passion for students is only matched by her passion for Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for someone to connect with your students, engage them in interactive Bible study, Jen is your Gal.

Kent WellsMinister of Students; First Baptist of Smryna, TN

Jen has a gift of being able to connect with young people, not with gadgets or hype, but with a spirit of love. Young people listen to what she has to say, because they can sense she really loves them.

Clyde EwbankYouth Director; Upland Community Church

Jeniffer really connected with the kids and got them thinking.  In all the summer trips I've done I have never seen the kids respond in the way they did with her.   God has done great things through Jeniffer and I'm confident that still greater things are in store.

Paul McCullough Pastor

Jen Dake not only speaks with clarity and passion, but we as a family have been blessed by the life she leads and message she gives without any words spoken. God has packed a lot of life into her "earthen vessel”.

Patti Orrico (Mother of Stacie Orrico)

It was so awesome to have [our students] come home and say that their favorite part about the weekend was not hanging out with other kids, but the speaker Jeniffer Dake.

Shelia WallickConference Youth Leader