an average day. . .

Sometimes i want to live the extra-ordinary life so much that i forget how great the ordinary average day can be. I grew up believing that God only showed up in the extreme moments of life; great joy was a blessing from God, great sorrow was solved by the miraculous hand of God, large sacrifices were empowered by God's grace, living in the extreme required God's sustaining life, the most respected in the kingdom were the poor and broken or those serving as missionaries in extreme poverty and so on. . . Yet when Jesus had a chance to sit with his disciples and teach them to remember Him, he did go to the extremes, he didn't even perform a miracle. No Jesus used the ordinary, a loaf of bread, nothing really more common than bread. 

So why do i overlook the ordinary? best i can tell somewhere i have programed my mind to believe the ordinary isn't good enough. yet 95% of my days are just that . . . ordinary.

So what's the big deal. . . When i believe ordinary isn't good enough, i believe that my days are not enough. I think this is Satan's daily attack on me to keep me from believing the God is working in me and through me every single day. Yet, Jesus used the ordinary everyday moments to explain the greatest mysteries of Heaven.

So today i encourage you to embrace your ordinary days as truly miraculous moments given to you by the creator of the universe to experience Him in the midst of the ordinary. Your ordinary days are more than enough, they are exactly what God had planned, and they are enough.