Fame: to be Known Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Have you ever entered a room full of people and feel out of place, like no one there knows even your name... like babies searching a crowded room for their mothers we seek the face of those who know, who can give us security and an identity.

In that moment we so often forget that their is one who knows not only our name but our inmost being, the number of hairs on our heads and the unexpressed desires of our heart, for he created us. To Him we are famous!

Are you searching for fame on earth or are you seeking to know and be known by your creator?

Christ-like Friday, January 12, 2007

i often leave a room and think to myself "i wonder if i represented Christ well?" I wish the answer was always: "yes." But it is a HUGE task...to be Christ-like, almost impossible to accomplish. definitely impossible without the strength of Christ. sometimes my selfishness gets the best of me and i don't want to love people especially people who disappoint me, annoy me, frustrate me, or ask to much of me, are unfair, unloving, untruthful, unkind, ungenerous, un... well just un...

Then i think of Christ and His obedience to death on a cross for me and all the times i must have disappointed Him, frustrated Him, i was untruthful, i was unkind, i was ungenerous, i was just un.... and i can't help but to strive, no matter how difficult the task, to be Christ-like others

Fighting with the Creator Saturday, August 5, 2006

have you ever been so mad you just wanted to sit down and cry? i have. Have you found yourself wishing you could just yell at the top of your lungs so that God would know that you didn't like his plan? i have. even though in the depths of my heart when i know He is GOD and He has it under control I am still mad that it wasn't my way.

i think God understands. i think He wants us to cry it out, even yell, He wants to hold us like a parent rocking a screaming child. He wants to hear us, God wants every part of our heart even the hurt and anger. Because when we crawl into his lap and we remain in communication with him we can hear his voice.

And when we hear his voice we will receive the peace that surpasses all understanding. . . even when we don't like the plan.