I have this amazing 5lb puppy, she really is a full grown dog but because she will never be more than 5 lbs i call her a puppy. Her name is faith, u can see her pictures on this site in random locations. She amazes me. . . though she never tries too. She is the smallest dog i have ever known, she is the only dog i have ever owned, she pays attention to details, she knows what time it is and never has a learned to read a clock. Some days Faith is so hyper and constantly on the move as though nothing can stop her. on these days i simply try to understand what she wants or needs and sometimes i get it right and sometimes i just laugh as she barks and speaks a language i don't even understand.

And then there are days that Faith just sits on the edge of my bed and sleeps. She wants me nap with her or at least lend her my lap. after hours she will open her eyes look to find my face, stretch and go back to sleep.

I have never been able to determine what makes a day one of chaos and one of rest but are both very much part of who she is!

Funny thing, my faith is much like my Faith. There days that i feel like my faith could conquer all, and i am on the go. sometimes not even understanding what the beat of my heart is speaking. But knowing that there is something deep in my soul driving me beyond what i know. and then there days that my faith seems week and i feel as though all i can do is rest. and when something stirs i have just enough strength to open my eyes, see that my creator is near and then fall back into the safety of his arms.

In my experience faith requires both action and rest. how's your faith?