if i were satan...

below is an excerpt of a letter that i read during tonight's message... dear (insert your name here),

I want you to understand something.... because of the difference you are making .... if i were Satan. . . I would target you and try to take you out.

I would see if i could disqualify you. I would get you into sin so no one would believe your message. Now you are the national enquirer. Making these great claims but you have no integrity whatsoever.

If i couldn't disqualify you, I would distract you. I would get your focus back on material things and making money that you wouldn't be concerned about making an eternal impact.

If I couldn't distract you, I would divide you. I would try to create arguments, disagreements anger amongst your organization, family and community. I would make you a JOKE.

If i couldn't divide you, I would discourage you. I would get you so down under heartache that you would give up.

If I couldn't do that i would endanger you. I would make you love your life. I would get you scared.

If i lost all those, I would try to kill you.

    So you become the bulls eye. you become the authentication. Armor up! You aren't playing a mundane game of cards or book sales...you are messing with Satan's souls. It's a whole new level. You aren't alone though. We are praying for you!

    If you are wondering why life is hard...maybe just maybe it has more to do with Satan desiring to destroy you and your work for the kingdom then you know. The more power you contain, the more you can pour out on those around you and the more you can use to radically change the lives of those around you. Satan doesn't like this!!! He wants to keep you ineffective as well as unsure of your self and lacking confidence in Christ!

    Battle well and know that: There is more to this life then what you see.