the adventures of Faith....

i never thought i would be a dog person...ok truth be told i was adamantly against dogs...definitely against  the purse puppy. not that i hated them, they way some people HATE cats. But i would NEVER own one and the whole fashion dog thing was not at all me. I even attempted to make my own protest against purse puppies by buying a bunny… but that backfired. My bunny Keylime… was miniature bunny so I could fit her in my purse and thus make a big statement about people who carried dogs in their purses. But having come up with this brilliant idea and acting quickly I forgot the importance of research . . . and my mini loop-ear bunny grew to weigh over 10lbs! ( I needed to buy a mini loop eared dwarf rabbit. Oh the importance of a single word.) ummmm not so much a purse bunny more of a bowling bag bunny… who didn’t like to be carried.

Last year a transition happened in my house as the bunny moved out (don’t worry she is in bunny heaven with a family friend) and in moved FAITH.  My very own clothe wearing, 4lb, purse puppy, with a sparkly collar!

Over the last year I have come to LOVE purse puppies, and especially mine.

It makes me laugh to know her name is FAITH (there is a story to why, that I will share at some other point) , and I know she smiles, and I love when she cuddles on the couch with me, and I wish I could sleep as much as she does, and mostly she teaches me the importance of FAITH, true faith in Christ, and what relationships are all about!

This is simply her intro to you; in the future I will share the Adventures of Faith and lessons learned!