Memorial Day Weekend

I guess I should be writing about a BBQ or some celebration I attended but that is not what this weekend was really about. My close friends laugh at me when Lee Greenwood’s : God Bless the USA begins to play, because no matter what time of year it is I begin to cry. I have tried to thank soldiers in the airport or on planes but I always start crying before I open my mouth. I am constantly reminded that I am free. . .

I am free to choose my attitude. I free to succeed. I am free to fail. I am free to respond to God’s grace, mercy, and provision any way I wish. I am free to write this blog, and choose the content of this website, I am free to travel the country teaching about the Love and sacrifice of Christ, I am free to do all these things with gratitude, I am free to play the victim of life, I am free to be angry at the world, I am free to love the world.

I am free….

But my freedom has come with a great price, paid for by men and women who choose to sacrifice for me. (yeah…I’m a bit teary eyed even at this thought) They don’t know me and most will never know how grateful I am for their choice to sacrifice so much that I may do what I desire with out fear.

This weekend more than ever: “I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free and I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me…..”