Jeniffer's Mission Statement: Creating opportunity for students to develop an ever-growing passionate educated faith.

Jeniffer Dake shares a room in Nashville, TN with a dramatically overweight Lop rabbit named Key Lime Pie. Though now fully committed to her speaking ministry, her past is jam-packed with weird and wonderful adventures.†

She has traveled all over the world for various reasons, whether it was studying medicine in Ethiopia, climbing the mountains of San Jose in Costa Rica, biking across Italy or selling vacuums to penguins on the glaciers of Antarctica. She's worn many hats, having dissected everything from cow°s eyes and sharks in the name of science, to jumping out of a plane, served as a youth pastor, participated in the world°s largest leapfrog game (making it into the Guiness Book!), line-danced her way through two country music videos, acted onstage and on-screen, waitressed, pole-vaulted, worked as a jeweler, toured as tour chaplain with Stacie Orrico, and was part of the startup staff for Michael W. Smith°s Rocketown† (the disenfranchised youth ministry).†

Jeniffer proudly speaks about choosing to remain a virgin and the blessings of remaining pure. Lifestyle evangelism is not only her most passionate speaking topic, but also her manner of living. It is a topic that encompasses everything the body of Christ desires to impart to young people today---to live in such a way that those around you will be eternally impacted for the kingdom of God.†

She has no tattoos, but she does have a B.A. from Taylor University--a degree in Premedical Biology with a minor in Theater Performance Arts—she has always enjoyed a wide variety of life experiences. Its through these experiences that she is able to connect with and relate to today's youth and bring to them a passion and desire to live life to the fullest as a beloved child of God.

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